Our Top Takeaways from 6 Years at Funnel Hacking Live

October 7, 2021

Our Top Takeaways from 6 Years at Funnel Hacking Live

In today’s episode, Ryan & Brad share their top three lessons learned after attending six straight years of Funnel Hacking Live. 

Since starting on their path with ClickFunnels, Ryan and Brad have launched multiple companies (CashFlow Tactics being one of them). They have impacted thousands of lives through these companies and have achieved a lot of success. 

This episode, however, is not only about the lessons learned but also the challenges associated with building a movement. It isn’t about Ryan and Brad’s success with CashFlow Tactics success: it’s about how you can learn and get inspired through a community and apply their lessons in your life and your endeavors.

The CashFlow Tactics founders would like to say it was all peaches and cream. That they went to the first Funnel Hacking Live, and they had overnight successes. But that wasn’t the case. Still, they managed to persevere year after year, and good things came. Today, they are sharing some of their key lessons from this journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is Funnel Hacking Live? (1:52)
  • We didn’t have overnight successes (7:14)
  • How focused commitment changed everything (11:09)
  • Your network is like a bank account (17:51)
  • Find what you love and pursue it with all of your energy (19:09)
  • Why we built CashFlow Tactics (20:48)

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