The Passive Income Lie

May 18, 2020

Ever heard of leveraged income? When it comes to financial freedom the buzz words we hear all the time is passive income. It sounds like the golden ticket we’ve all been looking for. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to earn money while they sleep?

The reality is that there is just no such thing as total passive income. The belief that you can achieve financial freedom while just sitting back and watching it happen is a dangerous lie. The more you buy into it the further you keep yourself from accomplishing actual economic independence.

So what does it take to actually reach your goals? How do you live a life on your own terms? Stay tuned for this week’s episode as Ryan and Jimmy go through why there is no such thing as passive income, but there is such a thing as leveraged income. Leveraged income is how you become financially free.

The Reality of Passive Income

Passive income is the goal for anyone looking to live financially free. It’s a dream told to many entering the world of real estate investing and seems like the best option to a life of opportunity.

But it is a lie and probably one that’s been fed to you time and time again.

Early in his journey, Jimmy had to realize that passive income wasn’t at all what he thought. He was desperate for a sense of freedom from his already stressful and chaotic life. He went all-in with his investment strategy and bought a hundred rental properties and was excited at the prospect of earning 30k a month from them. In his mind, the path was clear and he forged ahead. He quickly realized that his plan wasn’t well thought out. His systems and processes were failing.

“All 100 rentals got me was bigger problems”- Jimmy Vreeland

He joined a mastermind group just to learn that he was in deep trouble. It was during this time that he realized he would need to go back to the drawing board and develop a system that helped keep his plan functioning. Nothing about it was passive. He had to take an active approach to make sure he kept on the path towards financial freedom.

Jimmy had been living the passive income lie. Passive income comes after hyper active active activity and active income.

The Influence of Leveraged Income

“There is no such thing as arriving”- Ryan D. Lee

Now that we’ve taken the time to express that passive income doesn’t really exist we want to shed some light on how to keep the dream alive. Just because we don’t assign to the belief that financial freedom means sitting on the beach without a care in the world doesn’t mean there isn’t some version of that.

You can earn leveraged income. Ryan and Jimmy each hold large investment portfolios but don’t spend all of their time managing them. They have been able to implement systems that allow them to focus on other pursuits while just checking in to make sure things continue to run smoothly.

It does come down to building a streamlined system that allows us to move forward in our game plans. When we get to a point where our time is spent overseeing our processes then we’re working passively. That should be the goal we reach for.

Leveraged income allows us to make decisions based on what problems we want to solve next, figure out who we need to become, and how to use money as a tool.

Financial Freedom in a Way of Life

Are you ready to Rise Up & Live Free? A big part of our mission is to help our community find what will fulfill them. We know it isn’t money. Money is a tool to get us closer to finding and achieving the things that fulfill us.

Once you realize that financial freedom is a way of life then opportunities start to fall in your path. You can begin to finally indulge in the parts of your life that bring joy to you and those around you.

“We talk about financial freedom to finally give people permission to live a purpose-driven life.”- Ryan D. Lee

Living in abundance is about more than just passive income. You have to take the next step forward and find a purpose. Our goal is to help you live a purpose-driven life. That might mean redefining what financial freedom means to you. Instead of just separating yourself from a life of scarcity we challenge you to discover how freedom can help you live to your fullest potential.

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