Reclaim Your Life And Ditch Your 9-5 With Rachel Pedersen

September 3, 2020

Ditch your 9-5 with Rachael Pedersen

Today Ryan interviews one of the top social media consultants and experts in the entire world, Rachel Pedersen. This podcast will go deep into the new realizations, applications, and stories within Rachel Pedersen’s book, “I’m the Boss: Reclaim Ownership of Your Life, Build Your Dreams, and Ditch Your 9-5.”

Rachel stumbled into entrepreneurship while working as a hairstylist. She began posting on social media and soon realized that it helped her organically grow her client base. Others started to notice and enlisted her help, and she eventually expanded into starting her own business. 

In this episode, we examine the transformational nature of social media and its ability to open the door to entirely new possibilities. We also discuss how financial freedom has changed the way Rachel lives and approaches each unique life experience. Join us to learn more about her story and how you can incorporate a next-level vision into your life and effectively accomplish your goals. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Deciding not to repeat a pattern (3:51)
  • How Rachel got started in her business (7:50)
  • How to be an undeniable force in the industry (10:55)
  • Using social media to transform your life (12:44)
  • Life lessons Rachel as figured out along the way (21:55)
  • How to shield yourself from the negative side of social media (25:45)
  • Money is a mirror (35:40)
  • Why you should emulate who you want to be (38:39)