[REPLAY] What Is Financial Freedom? (Hint: It’s Not What You’ve Been Told)

May 20, 2021

What Is Financial Freedom

Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad get together to discuss what is Financial Freedom and how to achieve it in 10 years or less.

Before you set out to achieve Financial Freedom, there’s one question you need to answer: what does it all mean to you? Answering this question will give you a solid foundation to build on and allow you to bring energy levels you didn’t think were possible.

Without answering this question, you won’t get far. That’s why every newcomer looking to join our CashFlow Tactics Facebook Group has to answer this before joining.

Listen as each member of the CashFlow crew explains what Financial Freedom means to them and what it means to achieve it.

Key Takeaways 

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • The question you need to answer before getting started (1:19)
  • Ryan’s version of Financial Freedom (3:13)
  • Brad’s version of Financial Freedom (9:48)
  • Jimmy’s version of Financial Freedom (14:18)
  • How to define financial freedom for yourself (17:54)
  • What happens when you understand your version of financial freedom (20:09)

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