RULES The Wealthy Live By…

October 8, 2020

Rules the wealthy by

Today Brad interviews the managing directors at REEF Investment Management, Matt Gilbert, and Kyle Hutchins. In this interview, they discuss the rules the wealthy are playing by while investing. 

This opens up a “New” world of investing that the average investor never gets to see. Many people don’t realize is that the wealthy are not doing the same things that your average goldfish advisor tells you to do. They’re playing by a different set of rules. And we’re going to show you what some of those rules look like. 

No matter how much a goldfish advisor cares about you, no matter how smart they are, and no matter how much they have your best interest at heart, it doesn’t matter.  They just can’t teach you what they don’t know. So tune in because we’re going to open up some ideas and methods that the average investor never gets to see!

Key Takeaways:

  • Who Kyle and Matt are (04:20)
  • Definition of alternative investments (06:45)
  • How Reef Investment Management utilizes alternative investing methods in their business model (12:15)
  • Why they charge high-interest rates and how it benefits their customer base (19:00)
  • Refusing the high risk, high return ideology (26:15)
  • How Reef Investment Management is able to move forward in the face of uncertainty (33:40)
  • The strategy they use isn’t new and is the secret of the most wealthy people (39:40)