Taking Massively Imperfect Action with Monica Tanner

December 7, 2021

Taking Massively Imperfect Action with Monica Tanner

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Monica Tanner, the founder of On the Brighter Side of Marriage, talking about how to not lose sight of what matters the most in pursuit of your financial dreams – and how what she calls ‘Massively Imperfect Action’.

Way too many people make a trade-off in their lives. They try to win what they think will make them happy by swapping out what truly brings satisfaction. All too often, people sacrifice time spent with their families in the pursuit of financial success.

In this episode, Ryan and Monica will focus on how to build and live a life that matters to you in the pursuit of Financial Freedom. They’re going to cover a whole range of topics, such as keeping a healthy marriage, balancing it with your business, and how to keep motivated along the journey!

Key Takeaways:

  • Monica’s brave beginnings (00:00)
  • How she makes a difference in the world (04:00)
  • Why being intimate makes you more connected (05:31)
  • Quick-Fire tips to immediately improve any marriage (09:11)
  • How did you start this journey? (11:27)
  • Why massively imperfect action could be the key you’re missing (16:52)
  • The exact equation to improve intimacy (21:01)
  • Why you can’t afford to omit intimacy from your marriage (28:05)
  • Are weekly date nights important? (29:31)
  • Avoiding the ‘compromise trap’ (31:30)

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