The 4 Minute Mile

January 4, 2021

The 4 Minute Mile

In this episode, Jimmy is interviewed on a local radio show called the “Doug Hopkins Show” that was recorded during the Collective Genius Mastermind.

If you want some inside intel on what it’s like to be in the real estate business, then look no further. Doug and Jimmy discuss what it’s like to have 60 rentals paid off and using it towards a life of financial freedom. 

Jimmy’s personal mentor Mark Delatour is also on the show sharing his experiences in real estate. The Collective Genius Mastermind is such a great opportunity to join minds and build upon each other up. We’re excited to bring you in on the fun!

Key Takeaways:

  • Intro to the radio show (06:06)
  • Finding stability in the midst of a pandemic (12:05)
  • How to attract the right tenants (16:50)
  • Jimmy’s military commitment (19:20)
  • What drew Jimmy to the real estate game (26:55)
  • The role of a parent (32:10)
  • Why your business is worth more when you are hands-off (33:00)