The ART Of Rising Up – An Interview With Natalie Hodson

May 28, 2020

The most common question asked in the Cashflow Tactics community is what should people invest in. Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy are often grilled on what the hottest asset is or where they should look for their next investment property or opportunity. While these questions aren’t inherently bad or wrong, it often overlooks the most important investment of all. You!

Today’s guest is such an advocate for nurturing ourselves and remembering that we are our own best investment. Natalie Hodson is a successful entrepreneur and speaker in the health and wellness space. She has had to overcome a lot of money mindset issues in her own life to get where she is today.

In this interview with Natalie we will discuss how you can RISE UP and live free no matter where you start. Freedom is earned by taking clear and decisive action.

The Weight of Our Money Mindset

One of the biggest pieces of emotional baggage that we carry is usually revolved around money. This holds for our guest Natalie who had to confront the subconscious thoughts she held about money. She had a belief that money was inherently bad which caused her to be in a continued state of lack.

As long as she held onto those beliefs the further she would be from making her business successful. Once she was able to come around to the belief that making more money and charging for her products and services would in turn help more people she was able to help heal some of those limiting beliefs.

A lot of people tend to struggle with these sorts of thoughts. They question whether they are good enough to have that extra stream of income or capable of building a business. Freedom comes when we can realize that money is just a tool. Once we can understand that our perception of money is what determines how it serves us we can move on to use it as a vessel of empowerment.

Natalie Hodson’s Entrepreneurship Journey

“Entrepreneurship is the fastest way to help the most amount of people”- Natalie Hodson

Natalie sort of stumbled upon the path of entrepreneurship. Out of college she and her husband were $170,000 in debt from loans and had two young children to care for. Natalie had to find any way she could make money to help support her family. From mowing lawns to babysitting, she finally settled on starting a direct sales company. She was able to sell that company to help pay off the majority of their student loan debts.

A short while later when going through the process of divorce, she was again faced with the challenge of bringing in income. She knew she would have to figure it out quickly. At the time, she had built a bit of a following with a blog she ran but it wasn’t enough cash flow to support her family.

She had another fitness-based business venture that she was trying to get off the ground. One day while filming a workout that was filled with jumps she realized she had peed herself throughout the video. Natalie was initially mortified but surprisingly enough women began to approach her complaining of the same incontinence issue.

Natalie Hodson realized she had landed on something special. Audiences gravitated towards her when she was telling real stories. Her ability to be vulnerable was the superpower to drive her business forward.

One of Natalie’s friends reached out with a series of workouts to help her pelvic floor dysfunction. After a month her condition improved. Natalie approached her friend with the idea of writing an ebook to help other women with the same issue and in the span of four months they made one million dollars in revenue from sales.

The Relationship Between Money and Shame

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Natalie Hodson has had to face the reality of where she’s at. Some of the time it meant facing a mountain of debt while others meant trying to find a way to finance a business.

The natural inclination towards shame is to avoid it at all costs. Oftentimes, this keeps us from even looking at our financial situation. But if you don’t get clear on your finances then you subject yourself to living in a constant state of anxiety. Facing your situation is empowering.

“Identity is malleable”- Natalie Hodson

Natalie advises to not allow your identity to become tied with your perceived failures. Many people allow their money mishaps to determine how they feel about themselves. Building true self-confidence requires constant work on our identity.

Natalie Hodson’s story is such an inspirational one. We love her commitment to investing in herself! When it comes to financial freedom, we truly have to first look within. Our relationship with ourselves is what sets us on a path towards success.

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