The Books That Changed Our Lives

January 21, 2021

The Books That Changed Our Lives

You are one just page or book away from radically changing your view and radically changing your life.

This week, Jimmy and Ryan share how they’ve elevated their lives’ quality and perspective through books. For both of them, some of their earliest memories are of their parents spending the early morning hours of the day with their noses in a book.

This theme continued throughout childhood as books guided them through the different phases and challenges of adolescence. Books are such a powerful tool because they shape and exercise our minds. 

They can lead us to our next steps and act as a guiding force in life. In this episode, Ryan and Jimmy discuss the books that have changed their lives and supported them on their journey to financial independence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some of Jimmy’s earliest memories (03:00)
  • The power of our mind (09:35)
  • What books can teach us (15:25)
  • The impact of reading (22:50)
  • What Jimmy’s currently reading (27:00)
  • Top books for Jimmy and Ryan (34:00)
  • Allow your mind to be curious (37:50)