The Compound Effect Of Goals

November 19, 2020

The Compound Effect Of Goals

Some of the best and most meaningful goals are the ones that require you to work towards a long-term vision. 

In this episode, Ryan interviews his wife, Bethany Robinson Lee. They dive deep into the compound effect of goal setting and the truth behind how to turn your motivation into a commitment so you can punch through all the difficulties to achieve your goals.

Ryan and Bethany share stories from earlier in their marriage where they really had to analyze their goals and sometimes push through their desire for immediate gratification. They offer their advice for how they balance goal setting with living presently. 

Bethany also shares the process of fulfilling a goal by writing and publishing her first book and the gifts and opportunities from that experience.  

Key Takeaways:

  • CFT was a big dream and goal for Ryan and Bethany (03:05)
  • The long term effect of goals (07:30)
  • Making the decision to live free (14:44)
  • How to balance goals with living presently (20:08)
  • What’s different about the house they are building now (26:30)
  • What pushed Bethany to finally write her book (30:00)
  • How Bethany is launching her book (37:40)