The Entrepreneur Psychology

June 22, 2020

Success as an entrepreneur requires an immense amount of self-confidence and resilience. To move forward, business owners must take the opportunity to analyze their motivations and determine their goals. Doing so calls for uncovering any limiting beliefs you may hold and confronting patterns of behavior that may be holding you back.

In today’s episode, the guys are joined by Mandy J Keene. She helps entrepreneurs with their psychology so that they can be better business owners. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it is one of the most significant paths of personal development.

But to reap the benefits of that development, you must take the time to explore your routines and habits to see if they align with your greater vision. Our goal is to help you learn how to tap into your inner power as a producer so you can rise up and live free.

Why An Entrepreneur Must Grow

Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy first met today’s guest, Many J Keene, in Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle. It was such an overwhelming moment for the guy’s in their journey. Such successful entrepreneurs surrounded them that at first, they didn’t feel they belonged.

For a while, they focused on just absorbing as much information as possible. The guys sat back and took notes and as a group workshopped their methods and strategies. But as time passed, they realized they weren’t making as much progress as they wanted.

They were focused on making a difference and empowering people with money but noticed something was holding them back from the success they desired. Many people go into entrepreneurship looking to make money and make a difference but realize that they must fix something within themselves before embarking on that journey.

“Business is one of the best personal development vehicles out there.”- Bradley Gibb

Entrepreneurship for the guys has been a constant learning process. And most of that learning is about themselves. They’ve had to confront all how they weren’t adequate and the areas that needed growth.

Mandy has taught Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy to be more self-aware. Usually, when we face blocks in business or our personal lives, it is due to a lack of awareness. Those blocks are a signifier that we must dig deep within ourselves and uncover a truth that we may not be conscious of. Mandy helps to navigate this process by asking pointed questions and facilitating a deeper conversation with ourselves and business partners. Once we can key into that awareness, it usually sets us off and propels us towards our goals.

The Biggest Thing Holding You Back

“If you’re not overwhelmed then you’re not seeing enough possibility.”- Bradley Gibb

Being overwhelmed as an entrepreneur is natural and pretty important. If you’re not overwhelmed, then you aren’t growing at the rate that you need to. It is a grounding opportunity that we must use to reorient ourselves to move forward.

Progress starts mentally. Our predominant thoughts are what set us on a path. When those thought patterns are negative, it leads to negative results. And the opposite is true. It’s so important to shift that mental narrative if we want to move forward.

Incorporating that change doesn’t just mean changing the story we tell ourselves. We must uncover why we believe the things we do. Where do the negative stories we hold come from? Have a compassionate curiosity to dismantle those firmly held beliefs.

The truth is belief is the biggest thing holding you back. If you don’t believe that you can accomplish your goals, then you won’t. It really is quite that simple. It’s also so important to examine your core values. When you can identify what you want, then the path to get there has meaning.

Along with challenging our belief systems, we must commit to determining what fuels us. When we have the self-awareness of what we care about, we can build a business that is in natural alignment with who we truly are.

How to Deal With Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial anxiety is incredibly common and can be challenging to talk about. It’s essential to understand to a certain degree that it affects us all. The reason it tends to be higher in entrepreneurs is that entrepreneurship is an intense path. Creating a business and sharing yourself to make a difference and make money is a daunting process.

If this is a path you’re on, take a moment to be gentle with yourself. This process will test your limits as you reach peaks you never expected to take on. There’s no need to carry shame around your anxiety. Accept that it’s normal and give yourself permission to feel the feeling.

“You have to be responsible for the results of your life.”- Ryan D. Lee

A great way to combat entrepreneurial anxiety is to create strong routines in your life and business. Routine will give you the balance and groundedness to keep everything in perspective. Not only will it help to structure your business, but it helps you to carve out time with your loved ones and yourself so you can stay refreshed and motivated. We built a training course that will help test and build your skill. Wherever you are in your path to freedom, we urge you to take charge and move ahead to reach your goals!