The Future Of CashFlow Tactics

January 14, 2021

The future of CashFlow Tactics

In this episode, Ryan and Brad will be Recapping 2020, go over the Future Of Cash Flow Tactics, & What To Expect In 2021!

If you ever wanted a comprehensive list of the products and services we have to offer, then this episode is for you! We’ll be breaking that down and discussing software that CFT is rolling out.

2020 was an instrumental year for us, and more than ever, we want to go into this new year, helping our community build an unbreakable foundation. The key is getting started, and we’re sharing some great options on how to do that. 

Whether it’s our Fast Track program or CFT Academy, the resources available are created to help you wherever you are…now!

Tune in to get your year started on the right foot. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Discussing our live events (04:00)
  • The power of a foundation (06:30)
  • It’s all about starting (12:00)
  • Fast track to freedom (17:50)
  • What happens in our community (30:12)
  • How we continue to serve our community (37:06)