The Greatest Wealth Creator that is Hiding in Plain Sight: Single Family Homes

March 25, 2021

The greatest wealth creator

So many people think getting into real estate investing means purchasing big multi-family or commercial buildings. They look to what their favorite investors are doing and believing they have to emulate what they’re doing.

That’s so far from the truth! Jimmy and Brad discuss their favorite wealth creation asset: single-family homes. 

They talk about the huge unseen investments of this relatively underappreciated asset class and how to not fall into the “shiny object” syndrome and chase squirrels. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • We’re in love with single-family homes (04:00)
  • The Warren Buffet problem (11:10)
  • Why there is less risk in a single-family home (15:50)
  • Risk of ruin is not an issue with these deals (22:20)
  • Why not having partners is so valuable in financial freedom (27:10)
  • Why you need to be a part of this week’s challenge (39:40)