The Identity of Freedom

October 29, 2020

The identity of freedom

As you’re probably starting to understand, financial freedom is so much more than retiring early or living comfortably. It is really about an internal transformation that enables you to rise to your fullest potential and, as a result, live freely. 

The real catalyst behind long term success is changing your identity, the perception of who you are, and how you as a new individual interact with that goal and system. That’s what it means to truly become free, and we like to call this the identity of freedom.

Today, Brad and Ryan will be breaking down the “Identity of Freedom” and why they did their annual Rise Up LIVE event. You’ll get an inside look at the themes present throughout the weekend so you can begin shifting your identity to better align with freedom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ryan gains the confidence to believe he can become financially free (05:00)
  • What propelled Brad to take action (07:35)
  • The likelihood of you achieving your goal (11:50)
  • The real catalyst behind your success (15:00)
  • What we did at the Rise Up LIVE event (19:05)
  • The hero journey requires this (24:30)
  • How we market Cashflow Tactics (31:00)
  • Results from our community (32:50)