The Power Of Asking With Mark Victor Hansen

April 6, 2020

Today’s episode is certainly a special one. Ryan and Jimmy had the opportunity to interview Mark Victor Hansen and his wife Crystal Dwyer Hansen on their new book entitled, Ask!: The Bridge From Your Dreams to Your Destiny.

Mark is best known for creating one of the most successful publishing franchises in the world, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. More than 500 million copies have been sold internationally and he continues to write and tour the world as an inspirational speaker.

Mark and Crystal’s newest book uncovers a power that lies deep within all of us. It is the power of asking and how it propels us to finding and fulfilling our destiny. They guide readers to unveil that gift so that they can start gaining momentum and accomplishing their goals. Once you start to ask you’ll start to see yourself moving forward.

Their advice is especially applicable when it comes to rising up and living free. Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy firmly believe that financial freedom has little to do with money but actually how that wealth can help you live the life you desire. Stay tuned to find out exactly what happens when you start asking and how it can catapult your journey towards financial freedom.

Mark Victor Hansen On What Happens When You Start Asking

Most of us have dreams and goals in our hearts that we don’t even know how to begin to express. For a lot of us, they just get buried in the back of our minds as we go on with daily life. That’s where the power of asking begins to come into play.

It can be easy to ignore our own desires. Maybe you are busy trying to feed your family or care for relatives. But there comes a moment, usually, it is a series of moments, that nudge us in the direction of looking introspectively.

You might be wondering how to even go in the direction of your dreams. According to Mark and Crystal, it starts with the three components of asking. Ask:

  1. Yourself
  2. Others
  3. God

They stress the importance of all three equally for the greatest momentum. When you begin to ask yourself questions your path begins to fall into place before you. Suddenly opportunities present themselves and you start to gain clarity on your next steps.

Why You Need To Ask Questions

You miss 100% of the opportunities that you don’t ask for -Jimmy Vreeland

Asking yourself what you want is the first action step towards achieving your goals. We can’t accomplish anything by just wishing or waiting for it. When you start to ask it puts you in the right headspace to come up with a plan and guideline.

It begins to spark your curiosity and helps you create a vision for your goals. That vision is what fuels your eventual success. So many people don’t ask questions because they are afraid. They fear they may be deemed stupid or are unworthy to accomplish their dreams.

There was a Harvard research study conducted on the power of curiosity. It found that people who asked more questions were considered to be more attractive. Curiosity acts as a magnet. It makes you more likable and sparks others to help answer the questions you may have.

This is such an important finding because the people around us are the ones championing our success. It is an incredibly powerful connection!

Asking The Right Questions To Become Financially Free

When Crystal Hansen began to ask herself questions she started to see her circumstances change before her. In her early twenties, Crystal found herself divorced with a young child and absolutely no idea how to generate income.

One day she was at the grocery store with food stamps trying to feed herself and her baby when a pivotal question popped in her mind. Was she really doing all she could to propel her life forward?

Fast forward to a year later and Crystal had gotten her real estate license and was working for the top builder in her city. She was the top salesperson in the company and was taking on work as a model. All this to say, she began to flourish when she started to ask herself the right questions!

Financial freedom is the freedom to do what you love everyday.- Crystal Dwyer Hansen

It is the questions we ask ourselves that lead us towards financial freedom. When we begin outlining a vision for our lives in our mind we start to take the right steps forward. It isn’t enough to just want to be wealthy or not worry about finances. We need to focus on why we want it and what we can do ourselves to get there. That mindset encapsulates the whole purpose of the Rise Up and Live Free movement. We empower ourselves with the tools and knowledge to make our dreams our reality.

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And be sure to preorder Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen’s new book Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny.