The Power of Gratitude in your Game Plan with Ryan Lee

August 26, 2021

The Power of Gratitude in your Game Plan with Ryan Lee

In today’s episode, Ryan is going to share with you one of the most powerful drivers of successful people inside of the CFT community. 

Even though gratitude is one of the most often overlooked success tools, it is your most effective tool for massive growth and progress.

When you are grateful, you recognize and realize what you have. 

You are humble, but you are also hungry. As a human being, you realize that you have limitations but also an unlimited capacity to grow. 

You have unlimited capacity and potential inside of you, so when you permit yourself to be humble, recognize those limitations, and be hungry simultaneously, your life starts to evolve and transform because of the humility you have.

Convert the knowledge into wisdom by taking action inside of your life. 

Dive in for the full details. We know you’ll love it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • It’s all about living a purpose-driven life (1:58)
  • How does this message of humility impact your game plan? (6:14)
  • Humility gets a lot of false interpretations (9:32)
  • One of the biggest challenges of traditional finance is the lack of vision (15:04)
  • Get clarity around the facts and the feelings of your present situation (18:11)
  • Focus on who has accomplished what you want to have (20:43)

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