The Science of Success w/ Dr. Alok Trivedi

July 22, 2021

the science of success

In this episode, Ryan interviews Dr. Alok Trivedi, and they dive into the one thing that truly holds most people back from building and living the life they want: the science of transformation, the science of success.

In Cashflow Tactics, we talk about this mission of becoming financially free in 10 years or less. We do this using the Financial Freedom Formula, a proven pathway to achieving financial freedom in a very, very accelerated period of time.

However, when people get into our game, everyone finds out that a massive part of the game is won or lost based on their mindset. When you know your limits and can rewire your mind to destroy those self-imposed limitations, you become limitless. 

Today is our honor to welcome Dr. Alok Trivedi, one of the world-class masters in the topic of mindset transformation and elevation.

Join us on the podcast today as we discuss the science of success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Why do humans compartmentalize their life if everything is connected? (4:04)
  • How to begin the process of identifying and mastering your emotions (7:53)
  • How to tap into a scientific method to master your thoughts (11:41)
  • Dr. Alok Trivedi’s approach to goal setting (18:56)
  • How to get rid of things that hold you back (23:14)

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