The Truth About Trump’s Tax Returns Part II

October 22, 2020

Trump's tx returns

In this episode, Jimmy called Brad up after listening to the bonus podcast episode about Trump’s tax return, and it got him…heated!

They discussed why they feel an obligation to caution the Cashflow Tactics to remain skeptical and vigilant whenever consuming content from those they consider IYI (Intellectual yet idiots). It’s important to first always look at what drives the information, the source of that information, and the angle they’re trying to take. This is so important because it’s how you filter the credible from the not so credible. 

Brad and Jimmy also talk about why it’s important to be open to mentorship and how openness is a determiner of where you are in your growth journey. Tune in to hear the HULK Jimmy rant about the IYI and how Envy is tearing down the news, media, finance, politics, and ultimately this great country we live in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brad’s description of the episode about Trump’s tax returns (03:00)
  • Jimmy’s experience with IYI and their behaviors (07:36)
  • Brad’s story when he fell into this trap (08:50)
  • When an IYI becomes dangerous (14:10)
  • We want to caution you about this blind spot (17:30)
  • Why it’s so important to be willing to be mentored (23:20)
  • Jimmy’s vision for the Cashflow Tactics group (27:30)