Wealth Building Is A Team Sport

March 12, 2020

You may have come across a vibe on the internet that the world of wealth building is a DIY game. All the motivational posters, all the tips and tricks, the dos and don’ts… They are all pointed at the individual, which is probably the reason why people tend to overlook one of the key rules of wealth building – you don’t do it alone. Because you can’t do it alone.

There is a lot that can be accomplished through consistent hard work and grit. But the reason why that just isn’t enough is simple. If you work alone, you’re always going to be limited by the number of hours in the day.

“You only have 24 hours in a day, no matter what… If you have a 10-person team, now you have 240 hours in a day.” – Jimmy Vreeland

When you’re able to harness the power of having a well-organized team put into place, the pace of your journey increases dramatically. And today’s stories will show you why you’ll need to play well with others in order to be financially free.

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Wealth Building When You Try to Do-It-Yourself

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Ryan couldn’t wait to get into the real estate game. And the rush you get from buying your first property is an awesome feeling. No one is immune to it.

But that feeling quickly fades and what you’re left with are the costs and responsibilities. People fail to mention that when they’re trying to sell you the dream of “passive” income through real estate.

Ryan quickly went from feeling like a million bucks to being overwhelmed by the increasing doses of daily stress that simply wouldn’t go away. By the time he bought his second property, he was not really feeling like he was becoming financially free. Or the way Jimmy puts it, it was more like he just got an unpaid part-time job.

“I didn’t know if I could take the extra time, effort, and stress that came with it.” – Ryan D. Lee

As time went by, the issues with the tenants really started getting to him. It usually involved minor fixes and expenses but you’d be surprised. One time, he got a call from a police officer because one of his tenants shot a neighborhood cat, point-blank!

While Ryan was feeling emotionally burnt out, exhausted and stuck with 3 properties, Jimmy managed to dig himself into an even bigger hole. At one point, he was handling over 15 estates.

A series of strenuous challenges allowed them to put the illusion of “making it on your own” to bed. The main reason why people don’t like working in a team is that you have to rely on other people to reach your goals. That can cause anxiety, stress and a whole set of other stuff. That is until you find the right people for your team.

Wealth Building With An Awesome Team

“Real wealth isn’t about what I can do by myself. Real wealth is about living a unique, purpose-driven life and then, interacting with other people, who have unique abilities that I don’t have.” – Ryan D. Lee

Once you find the right people that share a unique set of skills can help all of you to get to where you’re going, the negative stuff dies down. And then, you witness the true power of joint effort.

That exact thing happened to Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad. The more they worked together, the more obvious it became that their strengths complemented each other’s weaknesses.

And even though each of them made less money because they had to cover new expenses, they were also able to get back things that are even more valuable.

First off, you’re getting peace of mind, knowing that someone is doing the work that you hate doing and you’re still profiting from it. Second, you’re also getting back time, you can now spend making other deals and start adding velocity to your money, which if you remember from our previous episode, is the third part of our financial formula equation.

Without being able to build their awesome team, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad would’ve never been able to reach their goals to the fullest and accomplish what they have so far. Aside from being able to do more, being able to rely on someone for support is another thing that proved to be incredibly valuable.

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