What Does Self Want?

December 10, 2020

What does self want

This is possibly the most important question you will ever ask yourself…

If you dare to actually do so. 

In this week’s episode, Jimmy and Brad are discussing why this question can be so challenging to answer. They cover why 97% of what we are taught undermines our ability to get what we want and steps you can take to get CLEAR on what you truly want. It is the crucial element fueling your path to financial freedom. 

There are so many filters in life that keep us from figuring out what we actually want. We often get self-conscious about our desires because we think we’re selfish. But the truth is, your “selfish desire” is just authenticity. And authenticity is required for being content and fulfilled in life.  

Key Takeaways:

  • What filters you from figuring out what you actually want (02:00)
  • How Jimmy and Brad react when they aren’t aligning with what they want (06:50)
  • How Jimmy determines if someone  is being authentic or not (10:00)
  • Why your “selfish desire” helps provide mental security (19:25)
  • Figure out what you think is important (27:00)
  • Categorizing goals (34:20)
  • Recapping what we’ve discussed (37:30)