What is Real Wealth?

August 10, 2020

In this episode, Ryan and Jimmy pull back the curtains and dive into the topic of Real Wealth, which is fueled by money but has nothing to do with money. Mastering the topic of Real Wealth is the key to building and living a life that matters today.

It starts by asking, what do we really want? Sure, money is great and all, but what is the motivation behind wanting to attain it. We stumbled on the core principle, prosper, by asking ourselves this question. This focus has become the undercurrent of the CashFlow Tactics community.

What Real Wealth Is All About

Brad and Ryan have been a part of Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle for about five years at this point. They went in as complete novices. For the longest time, they struggled to truly define their mission.

For a couple of years, the guys would go up and try to describe what they were aiming to do. Finally, they had a successful presentation where they were able to get their message across. They described the truth behind what money represents. That pivotal moment sparked the beginning of CashFlow Tactics.

We began to describe why money really is just a tool. This realization tends to spark a lot of tension in people as they start to question why they spend the majority of their time doing something they don’t want when they truly are looking to create space for their actual wants. Creating space for what you actually want is what Real Wealth is all about.

People don’t get to the end of their careers and lives regretting the time spent in the office. What people tend to regret is what they gave up in the pursuit of money.

The Five Currencies

Your most valuable resource is your time. There are four key areas of life that humans want maximum abundance. The areas are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The five currency is money, and our goal is often aimed towards trying to trade our time in pursuit of one of the first four areas.

Time is not a currency. It is not the end but instead the means. When you look at your life, one of the number one stressors we face is typically related to money. If you were asked if you’d be willing to give up one of the first for currencies to be financially set, the answer you’d give would most likely be no. When it comes down to it, we can all agree that there are aspects to life that are way more important than money.

Though we can all agree on this, it doesn’t stop us from continually pursuing the thing we believe is least important. Our time, attention, validation, and stress often tied to money. It causes us to spend so much of our time chasing in.

What CashFlow Tactics is all about is to empower you around the conversation of money. We struggle to make it, keep it, understand it, and correctly value it. People find themselves perpetually stuck in this rat race without any idea how they’ll retire and get out of the grind. At CashFlow Tactics, we arm you with the tools and tactics to achieve Real Wealth.

Permit Yourself To Earn Real Wealth

As you begin to invest in a life that matters, your financial gain becomes a means to an end. Money should be used as a tool to make one of the currencies more available to you. As you do this, you’ll realize you become a stronger producer. All of the currencies are connected and intertwined. Living on purpose means finding balance in all areas of your life.

Jimmy offers a great example. You can’t have 8% body fat but have a tumultuous relationship with your spouse. Or you can’t be the most hands-on parent but be on the verge of a heart attack. That is not living a purpose-driven life. We’re here to help you strike the balance you’re looking for. When you’ve neglected the other currencies, you’ll always feel like you are missing something.

This is what it means to invest in your well-being. It means setting targets in your life and taking the 90-day increments and seeing your own growth. The currencies require work. But it is work that makes you a better human. It’s the formula for personal growth.

The first step is always about taking imperfect action. It’s okay to not have all the answers now. You just have to be open and willing to grow. That is how Real Wealth is earned and cultivated. If you’re ready for that journey, then we are so ready to help you. Join our Cashflow Tactics Group to take the first steps to create Real Wealth. This is a journey that you won’t regret. See you there!