Why You Should Never Listen To Financial Advice (Even From Us!)

July 9, 2020

We make a lot of bold claims. And today we’re taking it a step further than we ever have before. We’re talking about our belief that all financial advice can be dangerous and misleading, including ours!

You probably know that Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy caution against listening to what they call Goldfish advisors, but the truth of the matter is you have to be careful about all the advice you might be getting.

Why is that?

Well, the truth is, nothing moves in a straight line. It doesn’t matter how good a spreadsheet is or how well a particular method worked for someone else. Advice can only be offered from an individual’s vantage point. Just because it worked for us does not guarantee it will work for you in the same way.

So what should you do instead?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t seek out financial counsel, but we are saying that you are the driver of your success at the end of the day. We aim to help you become financially empowered. The advice we give always starts and ends with you being the producer. That means rising up and taking your financial future into your own hands.

Are you ready?

Difference Between Financial Advice and Financial Empowerment

“Financial freedom requires ownership”- Ryan D. Lee

Any type of freedom requires a level of responsibility, and it is no different when it comes to your finances. That responsibility lends to us being empowered in the decisions that we make. The goal is to learn how to use money as a tool to better your own life. Your freedom is at stake without a clear understanding of the difference.

There are two primary things to focus on when it comes to money. First, they need to have the principles. These are truths that cannot be disputed and hold steady for every individual. Once you understand the principles, it’s essential to be able to implement your goals and resources tactically. Blending the two is what gives you financial empowerment.

Ryan had to realize that financial advice couldn’t be duplicated on his path to financial freedom. He started following elite option trader, Jim Cramer, in hopes of replicating his success. It seemed like it could be lucrative as he consumed as much of his content as possible. He quickly found out that his wins didn’t hold steady and that he couldn’t consistently get the desired outcome.

The Skills You Need to Learn Beyond Financial Advice

If you’re not in control of your finances, you can never predict or influence the outcome. Having enough money today is entirely irrelevant. If the money is suddenly gone tomorrow, then you are back at square one. Control over your finances is essential for financial freedom.

Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy have a perfect illustration as to why control is so important. A while back, they were looking to beef up their marketing efforts. To do so, they hired a marketing agency that promised all the bells and whistles. It seemed promising at first as they looked through their new fancy marketing materials, but the truth soon revealed itself as they failed to produce any productive results.

The leads they were getting through these traditional methods of marketing weren’t looking to be free. They were looking for financial advice. It became clear to the guys that they needed to take a different approach even though all they knew up to that point was leading them in the direction they were already in.

They decided to fire that marketing group and do their research. That deep dive led them to Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels community. Finally, things began to click. Russell taught marketing a very different way. He didn’t teach the guys exactly what to do. He taught them frameworks and formulas. Instead of a telling and doing method, it was a teaching and showing one.

Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy were learning marketing in a way they never had before. And it was just the thing to make all the difference. It required a larger investment on their end but resulted with more return. They no longer needed to rely on anyone else to get the results that they needed.

Examine the Results that You Follow

“Stop looking for advice. Look for formulas, frameworks, and principles.”- Bradley Gibb

Make sure the advice that you’re following has results that can be implemented by others. There is such a thing as being unconsciously competent. Some people have skills that they can do without really thinking through it but when it comes to teaching they are unable to replicate those results.

If you want to be financially free then ask yourself what frameworks you need to adopt to make that happen. We invite you to take our FREE 5-day Cashflow Tactics Challenge!