Will You ACCEPT Your Freedom?

July 6, 2020

Today’s topic is an important one. We believe it is the core of human existence, and it is the number one value we center CashFlow Tactics around. We are talking about freedom. It is the value that determines your experience and quality of life. Our goal has always been to help those who are feeling stuck financially and instead empower themselves with money.

Along the way, we’ve learned that the most significant investments we can make are within ourselves. We strive to rise up and be better versions of ourselves every day. It’s the most challenging process out there, but it is necessary to achieve financial freedom.

The prime human value is to accept freedom in life. When you realize that you are the source and creator of your reality, you know that you are free to create your life.

What is Freedom

While putting together the ‘Prosper’ section in the CashFlow Tactics Academy, Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy put together five keys to follow that will dramatically shift your financial, social, and spiritual life. We call the first key One Choice. Freedom is not handed to you. The further along you get in your journey, the harder it becomes to leverage your freedom. You indeed only have one choice, and it is to either go forward or backward. Freedom is like pulling back an onion. It is the decision to go deeper and move higher.

“You’re either advancing or retreating”- Ryan D. Lee

Because Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy have gone through the gauntlet it has forced them to examine their own realities. They’ve each had to question themselves if they are truly satisfied. You might be dealing with the same thing. There tends to be a lot of pain surrounding our financial health. When you’re caught in the rat race, it often feels like the only thing you really want is to get out. But to really find your freedom, you must uncover what you truly want. Ask yourself, what have you been trading in the pursuit of money?

Freedom Means Accepting Responsibility

“Freedom is not handed to you”- Jimmy Vreeland

You have to create the reality that you want. And the first step in doing so is accepting your freedom. It is not a thing you do one time and are done. Taking freedom is a choice to make every day. It’s a two-fold process. Accepting your freedom also means accepting the responsibility that comes with it.

Consciously accepting freedom does not mean life is perfect. It means that we are focusing on the whole picture and choosing to learn and grow. When we look at our own lives, it can feel like waking up to fight a battle every day. It is the decision to fight for what you want. Are you able to leverage that tenacity? Does it feel worth it?

Freedom Means Doing This

Freedom means going to war. It is a battle that we must overcome daily. Our conditions shape our destiny. If we allow ourselves to become a product of our conditions, we choose to be victims. If we want to be victorious, we must accept our ultimate freedom, which is our present attitude. We have the decision to decide how we react to situations, and that is something that cannot be taken away from us.

The majority of the population is a victim of their reality. But the truth is no one is going to save you. It is up to the individual to decide to accept the reality of life that we have created. Our power lies between stimulus and response. Are you ready to accept your One Choice? Head over and join our Cashflow Tactics Group.

“If you can accept your freedom your life can and will fundamentally change”- Ryan D. Lee

Stay tuned to the following episodes as we examine the rest of the five keys.

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