We empower those seeking a life of financial independence with the tools and strategies necessary to grow wealth, build cash flow, and create financial freedom. We created Cash Flow Tactics for those frustrated with the lack of results from their current financial plan. It was engineered with the conviction to create an actionable strategy to achieve financial independence that we all need and deserve.

We have debunked the archaic financial myths based on hope that are no longer effective in a modern economy and created a process to leverage the system.  Net worth is not, as we are made to believe, a measure of freedom.  True freedom allows you to spend time with the people you want, where you want, and when you want because your income isn’t limited to your time.


Cash flow is the key to financial independence and our mission is to share with you a clearly defined and actionable system to help achieve 40 years of financial results in 10 years or less regardless of your age, income level, or experience.


Properties Secured


Monthly Cash Flow


Capital Secured


Empire Builders are focused on FREEDOM.
We are ready to take action and willing to accept responsibility.
We are not concerned about status quo or tradition. We are committed to results.
We are not risk takers or speculators. We seek out principles and require control.
We do not need handouts or shortcuts. We do the work and learn to leverage the system.

We want more than just money. Money is our tool to create.
We want to rise and build a life that matters.
A life driven by purpose. A life fueled by passion.


“How To Be Financially Free In 10 Years Or Less Regardless Of Your Age, Income, Or Experience!”